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"I dont think its common for guests to comment so much about how they loved our photographers but this is what happened."

Our guests loved the energy, excitement, curiosity and openness that you, all brought to our special day. I dont think anyone thought you were just our photographers I think they thought you were our friends who also happened to be our photographers. Everyone said how you made them feel comfortable, and how involved you were in getting some great shots of everyone. Which is exactly how Monty and I felt.

For me personally, you were just the person I needed in the room as I got ready for the ceremony. Not only did you get my awkward, weird humor, but you were calming and happy at the same time. You were always smiling and involving my bridesmaids and family in everything (which is really important to me). And when necessary, my goodness did you know how to command a group of stressed out family members in order to get a great shot. Seriously, one of the best decisions we made with this wedding is to go with you as our amazing photographers. . Thank you so much for making our special day even better!

Richa & Monty

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